Focus on the video editing software

Any reason is good to get out his camcorder. Once the film in the can remains the delicate stage of assembly and not look like a poor videographer is better to rely on the skills of an ad hoc software while avoiding such products that Adobe Premiere or Ulead MediaStudio Pro . These business applications are not within reach of every budget, or beginners.

For very specific needs, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker may suffice. This free program is surprisingly simple to use. However, its limited capacity quickly frustrate those who discover talents even modest director. The editing features, audio editing and export of software, like video effects and filters available are basic. Better then move towards consumer products such as Intervideo DVD WinProducer 3 and Studio 8 Pinnacle Systems. With an advantage for Studio 8. The latter manages more video sources, has a scene detection tool and has more features than its competitor for video DVD creation.

For fans of the Mac platform, Apple Final Cut Express, lighter version of Final Cut Pro is a complete software, but complex to use and affordable. Then it is wiser to move towards such Illife the same publisher, compilation of four programs, including a less bridled video editing than Microsoft and other DVD authoring.

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Pinnacle Studio 8

Driven by competition, Pinnacle’s flagship software makes creating and managing …

78 stars

Test performed on 08/11/2002

InterVideo, Inc. WinProducer 3 DVD

WinProducer 3.0, InterVideo is a perfect software to edit video, and offers …

68 stars

Test performed on 10/02/2003

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.0

Windows Movie Maker video editing software is no longer content to stick butt …

63 stars

Test performed on 11/04/2003

Apple iLife

The collection i-apps Apple includes iTunes 3.0.1, iPhoto 2.0, 3.0.1 and iMovie …

80 stars

Test performed on 25/04/2003

Apple Final Cut Express

Final Cut Express, Apple product range environment is a software solution for DV editing ….

83 stars

Test performed on 27/05/2003

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0

This new version of the video editing suite integrates functions more …

73 stars

Test performed on 12/09/2003