Fossil Wander Q and Q Marshal, already a new generation of Android Wear watches

Fossil again enriches its recent range of watches connected with two devices: the Q and Q Wander Marshal. Two watches in Android Wear for design enthusiasts more than new technologies.

On the left, the Q Wander and right, Q Marshal

It goes longer than a week without Fossil, now owner of Misfit – specialist activity trackers – will reveal new products. Late last week it formalized as a strap connected to mimic the Misfit Ray, the Q Motion, and now er this new aircraft. Wander the Q and Q are Marshal and output.

As with previous models of the Q series, both Q and Q Wander Marshal rely primarily on design. Both watches are connected, and feature a round LCD (which always includes a black bar at the bottom of the screen, alas) integrated in a housing … thinner. This is also what we criticized the Fossil Q Founder, beautiful in itself, but much too bulky on the wrist. If we can greet Fossil ability to learn from mistakes, we remain cautious as the US brand did not specify the exact dimensions of the two boxes. Just do we know that the Q Wander measuring 44 mm in diameter than the Q Marshal able 46. minimal differences between watches that resemble particular.

The radius of the differences between these two Android Wear watches, we simply note some differences in the housing, that of Marshal Q is also assumed more robust than that of his colleague. It will be available in a navy blue version of “vintage style leather bracelets”. Fossil does not add any additional functionality to its watches but since they are waterproof, the offer also with silicone bracelets to wear them for a swim or shower. It is not known yet whether to rely or not on integrating loudspeakers, now supported by Android Wear on both products.

For now, Fossil did not mention the price or availability of its Q and Q Marshal Wander, simply stating that the watches will be sold “later this year”. However, it can get a vague idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir price, as their predecessor, the Q Founder, costs nearly 300 euros.

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