Free Mobile 10 euros to renew a SIM card, it is expensive or not?

The price to renew a SIM card at Free Mobile is no longer charged 5 euros but 10 euros now. What about the other mobile operators?

In case of SIM card loss or if you need a new SIM card, it will now pay 10 euros instead of 5 euros previously at Free Mobile. This action can be performed from the customer interface, or from a terminal Free shop. But what is at the other operators?


The high sound rate, but the option is available for 20 euros in Sosh (Orange) for loss, for example. To request a new SIM card, you must contact a webconseiller chat or on the official forum, or go to Orange store.


SFR (RED too), the SIM card renewal is charged 10 euros, except in case of theft. It should nevertheless prove to the operator that your SIM card has been stolen, and therefore must go to the police or to the police to report the theft. Everything happens by phone (0811 70 70 73 by choosing option 2 to be connected with a counselor), between Monday and Friday until 17h.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is a bit more complicated. By phone (0 800 29 10 00) or in-store, renewal is charged 10 euros, while if you go through the web interface or automatic terminals, the cost is 5 euro.

The price increase for this option at Free Mobile nothing extravagant, Free Mobile has instead positioned on the prices charged by other mobile operators in France.