Free or paid, what version of Avast 2016 choose?

If there is a free version, why pay? A good question that deserves a clear answer. The characteristics of the various versions of the antivirus suite, with more features.

Free basic version allows to benefit from the Avast antivirus analysis, integrated password management (and their removal in the memory of your Internet browser), the HTTPS addresses scan to ensure maximum safety during Internet surfing and supervision of its domestic network.

What package for which profile?

Avast Pro Antivirus (39.99 euros per year) adds to that a secure browser that enables secure financial transactions online, to block the loading of fraudulent banking sites and provides a test space to open suspicious files without fear of contaminating his computer.

The Avast Internet Security Suite ($ 49.99 per year) full pro version by an anti-spam system to clean his mailbox of (too) many unnecessary and sometimes fraudulent messages. It also adds a firewall device or firewall, which secures even a little more your machine against attacks. In addition, it secures data transfer between your computer and the DNS server to prevent such falling on a fraudulent site that mimics the official services (EDF, CAF, taxes, etc.).

Finally, Avast Premier is the premium version of the service (69.99 euros per year). It integrates all the security system can do, including monitoring of all software installed on the computer to make sure they are up to date and a function of “grinding” virtual documents so they be permanently deleted and no recovery in any way whatsoever. This offer is for those looking for a complete system of protection of privacy and of defense against external attacks and malware.

In sum, the free version will be sufficient for basic use and automated management of passwords. But this requires to monitor oneself certain points as the constant update of installed software or the presence of sufficient guarantees in terms of secure banking transactions visited retail sites. Avast Pro just adds this interesting browser secure the package while Avast Internet Security is responsible for managing you spam and enhance security with a complete firewall. Finally, people seeking protection from the very thrust privacy will choose the first offer.

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