Free software to install on Windows 10

You plan to upgrade your PC to Windows 10? Before you step into the intricacies of the new Microsoft operating system, remember to equip yourself with the tools to make satisfactory use of your experience. Writing reviewed for you software compatible with Windows 10 installed. Backup your old system to ensure security, use a media center, through the maintenance and protection of your PC, you will find in the lines that follow a survival kit for your passage under Windows 10 takes place under the best auspices.

Before the plunge and install Windows 10 on your machine, perhaps it is prudent to make a backup of your system. This could indeed be beneficial in case of problems during the installation of Windows 10, or if you simply do not appreciate the new Microsoft system and want to go back. For this, several solutions available to you. The first is EaseUS System GoBack Free. Installed on your Windows PC 7/8, the program will load a few clicks to make a backup of your system in its current state. If Windows 10 to update goes wrong or you are not satisfied fully, one click is enough to EaseUS System GoBack Free for you to go back and restore your settings and your applications without having to reinstall box.

Save your old system

Alternatively, Macrium Reflect Free. This program allows you to simply create a clone of your hard drive that can be used to restore your old alike including system settings, documents, and applications.

Download EaseUS System GoBack Free (Free) Download Macrium Reflect Free (Free)

If upgrade your system to Windows 10 is a good opportunity to test Edge, replacing fire Internet Explorer, it may be that you want to keep your old habits on a browser that you are most familiar. Whether Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, these two browsers are already compatible with Windows 10. By continuing to use them, you can still enjoy thousands of extensions allowing them to expand their features. However, Microsoft had announced that Chrome and Firefox extensions are compatible with the new browser, but the latter is in its infancy, it will leave a few weeks or months, to developers to modify the code lines that will allow their extensions run on Edge.

Download Google Chrome (Free) Download Mozilla Firefox (Free)

Unfortunately, upgrading to Windows 10 still does not immunize you against viruses and other bellicose threats online. To protect yourself from this kind of inconvenience, install an antivirus like Avast or Avira is recommended. Your computer is protected in real time to prevent you a nasty infection (worms, rootkits, trojans, etc.) that may require a complete reinstallation of your machine. You can complete your protective armor by installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, a utility capable of finding the most vicious malware that would be installed without your knowledge in the depths of your hard drive.

Surf the Web

Protect your PC from threats

Maintain your machine and optimize performance

Open and create compressed files

Download Avast Antivirus Free 2015 (Free) Download Avira Free Antivirus 2015 (Free) Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free)

PC he will support Windows 10? The minimum hardware recommendations that Microsoft recommends to install Windows 10 are clear: Processor 1GHz or greater, 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage space for Windows 10 32-bit version and at least 2 GB RAM and 20 GB of storage for 64-bit graphics card that supports DirectX 9 and a screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels minimum.

If you meet these criteria correctness, you’ll find CCleaner with an ally of choice to support you in maintaining your PC. Piriform The utility will first help you clean your system by deleting unnecessary data that can clog your hard drive and slow down your system: web browsing history, cookies, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard content, etc. CCleaner offers the same opportunity for cleaning the registry and assists in the management of active programs at startup, or duplicate files to delete.

Download CCleaner (Free)

If Windows 10 knows perfectly manage zip archives natively, it is not the same with extensions.rar or other more exotic formats. A utility like Bandizip allows you to overcome the limitations of Windows 10 since the program supports the most popular compression formats (.zip, .rar, .7z, .tar, .bz2, .iso, .cab, etc. ). The utility also allows you to create self-extracting archives in exe format, or cut large archives into multiple files.

Download Bandizip (Free)

With the updated Windows 10, you should know that Windows Media Player will not be able to play DVDs. So you have to buy a separate player software that supports DVD and Blu-ray formats. The open source VLC media player is as a great alternative to Microsoft reader since it is capable of playing almost all video formats including extensions of interest here, namely DVD and Blu-ray. Remember, VLC is also able to play audio files, and supports not supported by Windows Media Player formats like FLAC, lossless audio compression codec.

However, it is complicated to just create playlists and manage music library from the VLC interface. To remedy this lack ergonomic, consider installing MusicBee on your machine. This program combines player and media library allows you to import and easily centralize all your audio files, organize your tracks by genre, album, artist, or create custom playlists. In addition to being simple music player, MusicBee supports podcasts, Internet radio, audio books, and also incorporates a converter for your audio files.

Download VLC media player 32 bit (Free) Download VLC media player 64-bit (Free) Download MusicBee (Free)

Pre-installed on Windows XP and then relegated to pack on additional Windows 8 Pro, Windows Media Center officially and permanently disappears with the arrival of Windows 10. Many functional alternatives propose to replace the multimedia platform, starting with Kodi.

Formerly distributed under the name of XBMC, Kodi is a media center manager open source and automatically organizing your audio, video and image. Compatible with DLNA, the software allows you to remotely access all the media on your PC from any device connected to the LAN, and even offers the possibility of viewing it on your TV since Kodi supports the using the remote control.

Derived from Kodi, Plex also offers an effective alternative to Windows Media Center. However, unlike its inspiration, the program requires you install it on a dedicated machine to turn it into media server and store all your content. Once configured, Plex allows all your network devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers) to connect remotely to the media center to stream content, even via a 3G / 4G connection.

Download Kodi (Free) Download Plex Media Server (Free) Download Plex Home Theatre (Free)

Reference on the subject, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, formerly known as Adobe Reader, has become the most obvious solution to open, annotate and print PDF documents. If one no longer has the basic features of the software, Adobe Acrobat Reader CD has recently seen some significant improvements and now supports filling, signing and sending all your forms electronically. Finally, note that the application now works in conjunction with Adobe Document Cloud services and allows you to store, share and access files online from anywhere within the limit of 2 GB of space after creating an account.

If you are reluctant to go to the Adobe machine or if only for a PDF reader with basic features, you can turn to Foxit Reader. Light and fast, the program is as traditional PDF document viewer, complete with a few essential options such as annotating and printing documents, or the simplified form filling.

DC Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free) Download Foxit Reader (Free)

Play videos and music

Turn your PC into media center

Open PDF files

Use office tools

Retouch and enhance photos

Discuss with your family

With Office 365, it is now possible to automatically get the latest updates to the Office suite, and to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from anywhere enjoying 1TB of storage on onedrive. Attractive, this formula, however, requires that you purchase a monthly subscription. Also, if you prefer to opt for a free and open source solution, lean for LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Similar to the Microsoft suite, these two office suites demonstrate a sufficiently high professional quality to compete seriously enable Office 2013 and 2016. Among the most important tools in LibreOffice and OpenOffice include a text editor compatible with formats.doc et.docx, spreadsheet managing formats.xls et.csv, and a presentation tool supporting formats.ppt et.pptx.

Download LibreOffice (Free) Download OpenOffice (Free)

Traditionally comes with the editor of basic picture, Windows 10 does not offer graphical solution with advanced editing options. For those wishing to rework their photos using advanced tools without facing the complexity of the software the type Photoshop, Paint.NET is presented as a solution. Free and have thoughts functionality for amateur photographers and graphic designers, the program supports multiple layers, unlimited undo, and incorporates the best filters like blur, sharpen, or red-eye, and more tools that are based selection, pad, brush, titration or gum.

Download Paint.NET (Free)

Besides monitoring, maintenance, office and graphics, your PC ranks genuine communication tool that helps you keep in touch with friends and family when your phone plan does not allow it. To contact someone on the other side of the world without breaking the bank, you can count on Skype. Property of Microsoft, this instant messaging and video conferencing software offers the possibility to discuss free and easily with friends, family or in a professional setting. Another welcome feature: Skype support group communications. You are thus able to integrate audio or video several people, regardless of geographic location and the type of Internet connection for each.

Download Skype (Free)