Free: test and review

high speed internet, unlimited phone calls to 49 destinations and access to over 100 channels of TV for 30 euros per month with no time commitment. The Triple Play Free offer unbundled area has the merit of being clear. Renting the ADSL modem and TV decoder, sesame essential to access this multimedia package is included in the monthly subscription and installation, at the request of the new subscriber, charged 90 euros. Besides, it is not necessary to have a subscription with the incumbent or even a telephone line to subscribe to this offer. Free indeed proposes building your online for 20 euros. Termination charges are regressive. Or 96 euros, which subtract 3 euros per month of service. In other words, three years seniority abolish cancellation fees.

Free provides a number type 09.xx.xx.xx.xx to every new subscriber. He can be reached with his former France Telecom telephone number if requested porting. To enjoy unlimited phone offer Free (VoIP) phone must be connected to the ADSL modem and the phone jack from his home. It is impossible therefore to make and receive phone calls in case of power failure. However, all their calls to landlines in France and to 48 other countries are free. A call to subscribers of Orange and SFR networks is charged at 5 cents per minute, 9 cents at Bouygues Telecom. By comparison, France Telecom may charge up to 19 cents per minute call to a mobile, regardless of the selected operator. Communications have seemed clear, distortion-free and with rare phenomena of echoes when shots son went to landlines and mobiles in metropolitan France. You can consult a mailbox from its TV or Free site. The subscriber can finally receive his messages as an attachment via email. It can also transfer the calls to the number of their choice. To do this, he simply specify the number from the account management service to the Free site.

One can also enjoy unlimited phone out of his home. The first solution, rather reserved to insiders, is to install a SIP compatible phone software, like the X-Lite program on any computer connected to the internet. Choice: the subscriber can purchase a wireless phone with Free and make phone calls when it is near another Freebox.

Access to over 200 paid or free channels

Another good point: the TV does not need to be placed next to the phone jack to enjoy TV over ADSL. The TV decoder, ready for HD, is now separated from the ADSL modem. It can communicate with it wirelessly. The basic package consists of a hundred channels. But many of them are thematic and regional channels, and therefore will not be to everyone’s liking. Found in the basic package, the main generalist channels and those of free DTT bouquet. The subscriber can expand its bouquet of a hundred pay channels. Among them bouquets of CanalSat, Canal + and TPS. The video service Canalplay application fabric that offer. Renting a movie for 24 hours is generally charged 3 or 4 euros. Series for children, as well as high definition concerts, are also available for rent. The services of VOD TF1 and M6 will soon expand this service.

To receive in good conditions near 200 channels of free and paid broadcast television via ADSL, a rate of 4 Mbps downstream is recommended. To enjoy high definition in good conditions, the operator advocates a rate of 8 Mbps in the case of live broadcasts and 4 Mbps for video on demand. According to Free, all subscribers in unbundled areas has the high speed broadband Internet (ADSL 2+). The maximum speed in reception are 22.4 Mbps. In practice, flow rates fall more on the subscriber’s home is far from the telephone exchange on which it depends and depending on the quality of the ADSL line. Thus, at a distance of 1.7 km, they reached 3.1 Mbit / s (400 Kb / s) downstream and 850 kbit / s (106 Kb / s) when the PC communicates with the ADSL modem connection Wi-Fi wireless. The subscriber has 10 GB to host his website and enjoys a fixed IP address.

The cost of one minute call to the Free customer service costs 0.34 cents per minute. Each call generally goes through a queuing few minutes. Customer service has generally been competent to resolve issues such as the crash of a line or optimize the quality of reception of TV channels.

Given the plethora of services, multimedia offers Free, 30 euros a month is both clear and attractive. No other offer is available for those who are not interested in the unlimited telephony and TV via ADSL in unbundled areas. Finally, a free user phone support was appreciated, no doubt, by many subscribers.